Youth Account Bundle

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Good financial habits start with strong first steps.

Knowing how to manage money responsibly takes time and experience. We're committed to helping young members get a head start with various MAX accounts and services.

Student Spend 

  • A truly free checking account
  • No monthly fees or minimum requirements to meet
  • Enjoy access to a debit card to make spending money easy

Teen Debit Card

  • Pair with a mobile wallet for easy and secure contactless spending
  • Use card controls to turn the card on/off as needed
  • Enjoy security enhancements from Visa®

Round Up

  • Attach Round Up to your Student Spend account
  • Each debit card purchase rounds up to the nearest dollar and the change goes into your savings account
  • Automate deposits to make saving faster and easier

Elevate Money Market 

  • Take advantage of this high-yield account to speed up savings growth
  • Deposit Round Up funds here to maximize savings


  • Tap into helpful resources to build healthy financial habits through practice
  • Parents can pay teens an allowance, reward academic success, and lend/transfer money
  • Added features like spending limits, budget sheets, and more guide teens to make better financial choices

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