SIDEKICK for Teens

Save. Spend. Earn. Learn. | SIDEKICK helps kids and teens build good money habits. Transferring money from a parent account to a child’s account is easy and accessible through the MAX mobile app and online banking.

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Real-world lessons delivered easily

SIDEKICK provides teens and parents with a tool to help guide financial learning and build healthy financial habits through practice. With budget, borrow, and reward features, teens can learn about financial services in a fun way that encourages healthy habits and money management conversations.

SIDEKICK is free, and easy to set up.

Here's how to get started:

  • Register your child for SIDEKICK in online or mobile banking.
  • Your child will be prompted to set up an account using his/her online or mobile banking login.

SIDEKICK uses push notifications for kids to submit requests for money. You review the request and, if you approve it, the money transfers from your account for immediate use.
Kids and teens can earn money for completing chores and tasks. You assign chores and set dollar values. Your children earn money as they mark those chores and tasks "completed." Once you review and approve, money transfers from your account to theirs.
If you're always hearing, "Can I borrow some money?", try out this unique parent loan. Negotiate interest rates and terms. SIDEKICK will send your child payment reminders and calculate interest, which teaches about loans in an easy, exciting, and safe way.
Celebrate your student’s success in the classroom. Kids and teens can upload their report cards, and you can reward them for their academic success with a money transfer.
Open a Student Spend account with free Visa® debit card to get teens (ages 13-19) in the habit of spending their own money. It's a great way to gain valuable experience. And as a parent, you'll have peace of mind with card controls that allow you to set daily spending limits.

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