Our Story

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Great things have come from $125 and a cigar box.

Serving since 1955

That's when it all started, and modestly, at that. Airmen at Maxwell Air Force needed a place where they could save their money and lend money to each other at lower interest rates. They approached Ms. Mamie Maples, Director of the Management and Training Office at the base, to ask her about organizing a financial institution.

Mamie Maples had never done anything like that before, but she was up for the challenge. She took some of her money to start a fund and encouraged 15 others to do the same. They ended up with $125 in total, which Maples safeguarded in an empty cigar box locked away in her desk drawer.

From that DIY approach, MAX was born.

Word spreads quickly

A technical sergeant at the base borrowed that $125 as the first loan. The experience must've been noteworthy because MAX quickly became known as a source of loans at low rates and a trusted place to deposit money.

That part hasn't changed in the ensuing decades. The difference is we've evolved from the locked-away cigar box approach to become a full-service financial institution offering everything from checking accounts, to investing, to insurance, to home mortgages, to the latest in digital banking. We're known throughout Alabama for our high-quality, affordable financial services, and for investing in the counties where we live, work, worship, and attend school. We're also known for our commitment to our communities, working hard to make them better places to live.

Personalized service and focus on community are overarching themes in our story. And we're eager to become part of your story, too.


MAX Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving Central and East Alabama, including Montgomery, AL; Auburn, AL; Opelika, AL; Prattville, AL; Wetumpka, AL; and Troy, AL.

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