Certificate Accounts

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A savings strategy designed to help your money grow

In an uncertain world, certificates of deposit (CDs) are a sure thing. The moment you open one, you know exactly how much you'll earn. And, because you get to choose the investment period - ranging from three months to five years - you know the exact day your money will be available.

  • Minimum deposit of $500 for most accounts
  • Choose savings periods of 90 days to 60 months
  • Lock in a competitive rate
  • Earn higher dividends than you would with a traditional savings account
  • In general, longer term certificates pay a higher rate
  • Track progress with Online and Mobile banking 
  • MAX Jumbo Share Certificate Accounts are also available - $100,000 minimum deposit
  • Note: You may lose a portion of your dividend payments if you withdraw funds before the maturity date
  • All initial deposits are insured by the National Credit Union Administration

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