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Strengthen your financial foundation

Whether you're saving for something specific or you're creating a safety net for your family, our accounts are designed to help you get the most for your money.

Basic Share

Basic Savings Account

Get started on your saving journey - and your MAX Credit Union experience.

  • Open account and launch your MAX membership
  • Earn competitive dividends
Earns Interest

Elevate Money Market

Whether you're just starting out or looking to earn more. Earn more interest on smaller balances.

  • Just $50 minimum to open account
  • Quick, easy access to funds
high earning

Performance Money Market

Talk about a dynamic duo. Paired with Performance Checking, this account can take your earnings to a new level.

  • Earn special money market rates
  • Access funds with checks or Digital Banking tools

Private Reserve Account

Have a little more to invest? Attractive returns make this account an essential piece of any portfolio.

  • Open account with $2,500 minimum
  • Deposits are federally insured

Club Accounts

Save for a vacation, college costs, a special purchase, or any other purpose.

  • Open up to 8 separate accounts
  • Track progress toward each goal

Youth Savings

Build strong financial habits that last a lifetime

  • No minimum balance to maintain or monthly fees
  • Earn bonus rewards points for good grades and more!

Savings Calculator

With a savings account, your money grows over time based on how much you save each month, the interest rate on the account, and how long you save. This savings calculator is designed to illustrate how your savings will grow using compound interest, which is the most common type of interest for savings accounts. The interest in this calculator is compounded monthly.

Enter how much your initial deposit will be or how much you currently have in savings as the Starting Amount. Move the Monthly Savings slider to the amount you plan to contribute each month. Adjust the Interest Rate slider to the interest rate on your savings account. Finally, move the Years to Save slider to see how much you can save over time if you keep saving the same amount each month.

Savings Calculator Help
Starting Amount: This is the initial principal that you plan to deposit or that’s in your account now.
Monthly Savings: This slider represents the amount of money you intend to contribute every month.
Years to Save: This shows how many years your savings will be in the account.
Interest Rate: This is the compound interest rate (APY) of your savings account.
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