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Sometimes you need a little assistance meeting that goal. We understand that. At MAX, you can borrow against your savings account or share certificate and use your personal loan or personal line of credit for anything your heart desires. We’ll help you get the funds; you decide how to use it.

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Flexibility with Great Rates

You’re an individual with aspirations and goals. We know that. At MAX, you’re not a number. We take the time to provide you with expert advice and help you choose which personal loan option is best for you. And you can even borrow against your savings account or share certificate, providing you with terrific interest rates that are lower than those for unsecured loans.

Smart is Having Options

We want to ensure you utilize the right product for you. Our goal is help you reach financial success. That's why we offer several solutions to help you achieve your dreams:  

Share & Certificate Secured Loans 
Unsecured Signature Loans
Personal Line of Credit 

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