Maximum Interest. Minimum Fees.

Immediate access to your cash. No penalties for early withdrawal and up to .45% Annual Percentage Yield.

Accessibility, Liquidity, Convenience, & Easy Access to Funds

With your Performance Money Market Account, you have immediate access to your money, with no penalty for early withdrawal. Withdrawals may be made at any branch, by phone, check (draft), or written request, or online with the MAX Online Banking. There are limitations on the number of withdrawals you can make per month. We require that all withdrawals and deposits be made in amounts of $100 or more.



Minimum Balance
 Dividend Frequency
 Dividend Rate
Private Reserve

 Monthly  0.25%  0.25%
Performance MMA
 Monthly  0.25%  0.25%
Performance MMA
Tier 2
 Monthly  0.29%  0.29%
Performance MMA
Tier 3
 Monthly  0.330%  0.330%
Performance MMA
Tier 4
 Monthly  0.370%  0.370%
Performance MMA
Tier 5
 Monthly  0.410%  0.410%
Performance MMA
Tier 6

 0.450%  0.450%
Performance MMA
 Tier 7
 $500,000  Monthly  0.490%  0.490%

The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on our Money Market Accounts are reflected in the chart above. The Rate and APY are those that we offered during the current calendar month and are accurate as of the date of this document. The Dividend Rate and APY may change as indicated in our Disclosures. Rate changes are effective on the first day of each month.


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A MAX Money Market Account gives you instant access to your cash, no penalties for early withdrawal and up to .45% annual percentage yield.

Jennifer Wadsworth , Sales and Service Manager

MAX Employee

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