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It’s easy to overspend during the holiday shopping season. Setting a budget, even at the last-minute, is an important step to keeping cash in your pockets and cheer in your heart.

Check out these easy holiday budget tips:

Know What You Spent Last Year
Did you overdo it last year? Take a look at your expenses and determine a smart and reasonable spending point. You need to take your typical monthly expenses into consideration and adjust accordingly.

Know Your List
Write down each individual you need to purchase a gift for, along with the maximum you plan to spend on each person. Be sure to include co-workers, church friends, and neighbors. If you determine that you do not have enough money to spend on gifts, adjust your individual gift amounts.

Know Your Spending
Tracking how much you spend is simple. Just review your transactions on your MAX Mobile Banking app or review your expenses with MAX Online Banking. There’s no excuse for not knowing how much you are spending.

Regardless of how much you money you have available for the holiday shopping season, you need to create a budget for guidance. Having a plan can maintain your jolly Christmas spirit.