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For simple, yet beautiful Thanksgiving décor, think natural.

You can combine natural treasures foraged from your own backyard with items from a farmers market or your grocery store. This can create a look that's perfect for the holiday's harvest history.

Learn how to create decorative looks that are cheap and easy, but will also wow your family and friends.


Not Just a Jack-O-Latern
Halloween may be over, but the time for pumpkins is not. Thanks to the increased availability of many different sizes and colors, this gourd is more versatile than ever.

Look for small, medium and large pumpkins that go beyond basic orange. Try using white, dark green and unique blue pumpkins to complete a colorful, festive look. Stack two or three with moss or vibrant autumn leaves tucked between each level to make a stunning dining table centerpiece. Use a pedestal plate to elevate the arrangement even more.


Little Package, Big Possibilities 

 The little, palm-sized pumpkins are available almost everywhere and solve a multitude of décor dilemmas.

  • Use a permanent marker or metallic paint pen to write a name (or initials) on them and place them on plates as placeholders for the big meal.
  • Paint the entire pumpkin with metallic paint. You can even add glitter to the paint for some extra sparkle.
  • Carefully cut out the stem and make a small hollow to hold a taper candle.
  • Hollow them out all the way, and use them as mini-vases for mums or your favorite fall flowers.


Fresh & Simple
Throw on a jacket and step outside to find some of the most visually interesting (and wallet-friendly) decorating elements!

  • Bring the outdoors in and display branches bearing autumn color in a tall glass container. Use small acorns to fill the bottom third of the container. You can also use acorns to add extra seasonal style to candles in glass holders.
  • Pine cones are perfect seasonal accessories. Simply spray paint a few in autumn hues and leave the rest untouched. Then place them in any container you like to create a great centerpiece at the dinner table. It can also serve as a festive item for an end table, coffee table or mantle.
  • You can even use a single pine cone at each place setting as a holder for a name card at the Thanksgiving table.
  • Go to your favorite local park and gather the largest acorns you can find. Use thin ribbon or thick thread attached to the stem (either tied on or stuck on with hot glue) to hang them from a dining table chandelier. Add several to each arm, and vary the hanging length for interest. You can also hang them from the branches in the arrangement described above.


Fabulous Fruit, Fresh Flair
Add a fresh flair to a coffee table or entry hall with a basket full of fruit. Paint colorful pears, crisp apples, and plumbs and peaches with clear lacquer first to help preserve them. Then dust them with a thin layer of gold glitter spray paint (available at most craft stores) for just a hint of sparkle.

Thanksgiving Natural Decorations: Painted Pinecones

Get Creative
Natural Thanksgiving décor can be fun to create and saves you cash! Use your creative side to create one-of-a-kind looks for your Thanksgiving dinner. You can then use the cash you save to donate to a local charity or extend a helping hand in your community during the holiday season!