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Now that pollen is starting to feel the air and the winter coolness is beginning to fade, it’s time to start tackling the task of landscaping and making other small updates to improve your home’s value. Believe it or not, you can make or break a sale from the first impression your home makes from the street.

Imagine the front of your house as its face — the impression it makes can either be a welcoming smile or a sullen grimace. If your home needs a bit of a facelift, check out these easy and economical ideas to amp up your curb appeal.

Frame It.
Put additional molding around doorways to make them pop, and consider adding shutters to your windows for increased visual interest.

Paint It.
A fresh coat of paint on your front door, your trim, your shutters or all three can add major impact for minor money. Stick with neutrals for trim and shutters, but consider a vibrant hue for your front door. A punch of color here will bring life to your entire exterior.

Toss that old metal mailbox and replace with something that has a bit more flair. Keep your home’s style in mind when choosing, and remember to follow all U.S. Post Office regulations regarding where it is located.

New Numbers.
The options for showing off your street address are almost endless. Whether you tack them to your house or stake a plaque in the yard, a variety of fonts, materials and colors are available today. Not only do new house numbers accent your décor, they’re practical too, helping guests and others easily identify your house.

Go Green.
Planting a tree, creating new beds with bushes or just placing a window box full of flowers out front: All of these landscaping projects can dress up your house without a lot of effort. Remember to talk to nursery workers or a landscape professional to ensure you buy the right plants for your conditions. And consider how big a tree will grow when determining where it will go.

Keep it Clean.
Once you have some landscaping in place, make sure you keep it weeded, trimmed and manicured. A tidy front yard looks pretty and makes a positive statement.

Lighten Up.
New, updated exterior light fixtures flanking your front door can fulfill both form and function purposes. Go for a style that will update your home’s look while also providing enough light to brighten your entryway and keep it safe. Outdoor lighting installed to line a front walkway creates an inviting glow, and solar-powered lights are a smart choice here. Finally, add some extra drama with a light angled up to accent a pretty tree.

Next Level.

Remember, making improvements to your home can increase the home's value and make it more enticing if you ever decide to sell. If you're looking to make slightly more expensive improvements that add curb appeal (like building a new patio deck or porch, paving your driveway, or installing energy efficient windows and doors) consider talking to a MAX consultant about financing options. MAX offers home equity loans and home equity lines of credit that can help you finance home improvements.

Protect It.

You want to protect your house and everything in and right around it. Make sure your homeowner's insurance policy is the right one for you. If not, take the time to learn more about MAX's insurance options.

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