ITM User Guide

We are bringing you the latest in banking ease with interactive teller machines (ITMs). Banking with an ITM allows you to enjoy the personal service offered in a branch and the convenience of an ATM.

Learn more about how to use the interactive teller machines (ITMs) below. You can complete many transactions through the ITM without any assistance; however, a MAX representative is available during business hours to assist you at the ITM as needed. Select the Request Teller Assistance option for live help. 

Live Video Teller Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9 am - 5:30 pm CT
Friday: 9 am - 6 pm CT
Saturday: 9 am - 12 pm CT
The best way to access our ITMs is with your debit card and PIN. It is that EASY!

If you do not have a debit card, you can order one today in a branch, or by calling 334-260-2600 (local) or 800-776-6776 (toll-free).

Additional options to access are:
• Account Number AND Passcode
• Request Teller Assistance

You can set up your unique ITM passcode in online banking, in a branch, or by calling 800-776-6776 (toll-free) or 334-260-2600 (local). Do not share this passcode with anyone.

Important Note: MAX will not assign a passcode for you or ask for you to share your passcode with anyone.

  1. Select Get Cash
  2. Need Balance? Select Show Balances
  3. Select Account to withdraw funds
  4. Enter Amount and select Fewest Bills or Choose Your Bills
  5. Or request Teller Assistance
  1. Select Fast Cash for withdrawal in increments of $20.
  2. Select Balance Inquiry will display to screen or option to email or print receipt.
  1. Select Get Deposit, then Deposit Type.
  2. Select the Account to receive deposit.  
    • Cash goes in the left side (up to 100 bills)
    • Checks to the right (up to 50 checks)
  1. Click “Yes” through the transaction to complete. 
  2. All deposits will ask “Would you like cash back?”, follow the prompts to complete.
  1. Within the same account number: Select Transfer option, then choose account from and account to.
  2. From one account to another (different account numbers): Request Teller Assistance for transfers from one account number another Account Number. 
  1. Select Payments, then select payment method (Cash, check, or transfer).
  2. If Payments is greyed out or a transfer is needed from another account number, request Teller Assistance.
  3. All Credit Card Payments must request Teller Assistance.
  4. Request an advance: Select “Get Cash”, now select either LOC or HELOC.
  1. Select Cash Check, then select Account. For checks over $1000, request Teller Assistance.