With a MAX club account, you can put money to the side and save for any special purpose! 

Putting money away for a vacation? Use a club account so you can easily track what you have saved, making it easy to determine what you need to reach your goal. MAX offers eight FREE "mini" savings accounts with each basic (share) account. These "mini" club accounts help you manage your overall savings in a smart and simple way. You can even manage your club accounts using MAX Online Banking and MAX Mobile Banking

When you utilize your club accounts, you can plan and execute your savings strategy with ease. Put money aside for Christmas, while saving for a new car and putting funds away for a down payment on a home. You know that saving money is a key to financial success. And the possibilities are endless with MAX club accounts. 


Tools and Resources for You.

Read one of our many advice articles for savings tips or punch your own numbers into our Savings Calculators to see how you can reach your savings goals.

Our club accounts provide an easy way to organize your savings to meet your goals.

Shirley Parker , Sales & Service Manager

MAX employee

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