Simply put, your relationship with MAX begins with the most basic savings account — a share account. Every customer at MAX has one. We know having smart money starts with making smart decisions. And intelligent money management requires the ability to save.


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Share accounts are a safe way to save for basic purchases, or to help you meet personal financial goals. Are you saving for a down payment on a new car or your first home? Putting your summer money away for next semester? Building a nest egg to supplement your retirement accounts? A share account is a great way to put money away safely and completely control it after its there. At MAX, you can manage your money online, on your mobile device, in person—you can even open accounts from the comfort of your couch. 

Be prepared! Putting away a little bit every month could save you BIG in the long run!

Mary Goodson , Sales & Service Manager

MAX employee

MAX Jumbo Certificate Account Rates

Type MinimumDeposit DividendFrequency DividendRate APY
30 Day $100,000 At Maturity 0.100% 0.100%
60 Day $100,000 At Maturity 0.150% 0.150%
90 Day $100,000 At Maturity 0.350% 0.350%
06 Month $100,000 At Maturity 0.500% 0.500%
12 Month $100,000 At Maturity 0.750% 0.750%
18 Month $100,000 At Maturity 0.850% 0.850%
24 Month $100,000 At Maturity 1.000% 1.000%
30 Month $100,000 At Maturity 1.100% 1.100%
36 Month $100,000 At Maturity 1.250% 1.250%
48 Month $100,000 At Maturity 1.600% 1.600%
60 Month $100,000 At Maturity 1.900% 1.900%

The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on our Jumbo Share Certificate Accounts are reflected in the chart above. The Rate and APY are those that we offered during the most recent seven calendar days and were accurate as of the date of this document. The Dividend Rate and APY may change as indicated in our Disclosures.

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