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The MAX VISA® Debit Card can be used anywhere that accepts VISA®®. Purchases are deducted from your MAX checking account. Your MAX VISA® Debit Card also doubles as an ATM card! It gives you the option to choose between signature or PIN-based transactions. And, the best part is that the MAX VISA® debit card carries no monthly or annual service fees!

The MAX debit card gives you the power to easily and conveniently access your checking account, savings accounts, and money market accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at thousands of locations. Now offering Visa Purchase Alerts, which send you real-time1 text or email alerts when you pay2 with your VISA card.

And with Smart Plus, we also provide the opportunity to earn cash back every time you use your MAX VISA® debit card.* You can swipe, dip, tap, or spend online. It's really that simple. There's no need to sign up, apply, or visit a branch — start earning debit rebates just by owning active qualifying accounts, meeting savings goals, and enrolling in smart services!

Simply browse our checking accounts page to choose the checking account that is best for you. Then, stop by any MAX branch to open the account and get your free MAX debit card!


1 Actual time to receive a transaction alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within the area.
2 A qualified transaction is any transaction routed through Visa
* Certain restrictions apply.


With your MAX debit card you have access to your money where ever you are, for free!

Melissa Thomas , Customer Service Consultant

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