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At MAX, protecting your financial records and personal identification is always a top priority.

We promise you security and safety. And we recognize that we need your help to ensure that promise is met.

That's why we are providing you with an anti-fraud solution that protects you from some of the most sophisticated online criminal attacks. The key to staying secure is always remaining several steps ahead of the fraudsters and identity thieves. This extra layer of protection provides you with more security than ever before.

We love to keep things smart and simple. That's why our additional security solution requires no passwords, and there's no need to log in or remember any codes. This additional layer of security is known as MAX's DSB Security, or Detect Safe Browsing.

How to download and use:

DSB is a small and fast download that you install on the devices you use to access MAX Online & Mobile Banking. The software runs quietly in the background and provides the security you need to avoid becoming a victim to online fraud. This approach allows us to help protect you in the most simple way. 

Windows Download

Mac Download

In the event that your device becomes infected with malware, MAX will notify you of the infection using this tool. We will let you know what processes have been blocked for your protection, and allow you to continue your online banking in a protected environment. 

How to take advantage of this anti-fraud protection: 
  • Click on the button below to download the installer.
  • Once downloaded, simply run the installer and allow for the software to be placed on your device. 
  • You can verify DSB is running by looking for the small Security Shield icon on your taskbar.

Phishing, pharming, and other malicious attacks are defeated when you use the DSB Manager while accessing MAX Online Banking. 


What is Detect Safe Browsing (DSB), and why is it important?

Detect Safe Browsing is an innovative tool created to protect our customers from the electronic fraud modalities commonly used on the internet. We understand that criminals are constantly searching for new ways to obtain your sensitive information. We have plenty of protection layers behind the scenes, but this solution helps you stay ahead of the fraudsters and scammers on your devices and PCs. 

Within the protection, capabilities of this application, you will find a connection analysis and system-scanning feature. This scanning identifies three possible attacks: 

  • Malware: Malicious software that attempts to affect the information integrity of the device. 
  • Phishing: Web site impersonation performed by a non-authorized third party to get confidential information for criminal purposes. 
  • Pharming: Manipulation of system information performed by non-authorized users, who redirect the access from real websites to fake sites and thus commit fraud. 


For additional assistance with Detect Safe Browsing, check out Easy Solutions Frequently Asked Questions portal.


To learn more about MAX and our online and mobile device security efforts and tips, click here.  

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