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As always, we’re determined to give you the very best customer experience possible. That’s why we gave our MAX Online and Mobile Banking services an upgrade. This upgrade has functionality that enhances your ability to perform everyday financial management tasks. 


The upgrade happened on Tuesday morning (March 7). 

Look out for an app update notification for your MAX Mobile Banking app. Simply update your app, and you'll get all the new features and functionality. Check your app store for our app and simply tap Update to get the latest version. If the update is not showing, delete your MAX Mobile Online Banking app and then download the new version.  

But, why? 

We're answering your call. We want to give you the best online and mobile banking experience. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you have the best technology and functionality we can provide. In the process, we've provided shortcuts to some of your most common processes. 

You don't have our app?! 

Well, what are you waiting for? Enroll in MAX Online Banking and then grab our app from the iTunes App Store or Android Market. Managing your money should stay in step with your lifestyle, not hinder it. That’s why we’ve made simple, secure mobile banking a priority. Grab the app>> 

Do this to ensure a smooth transition: 

Name Your Accounts.

You'll notice that your accounts no longer display the Share ID numbers. Your Share ID numbers allowed you to distinguish between products. You were accustomed to seeing your account product type appear with the product name description followed by the account number and share ID number directly below the description. 

You were accustomed to seeing the top of your dashboard look like this: 

With our update, the top of your dashboard now looks like this:

You will now see the last 4 digits of your account number on your dashboard. Without naming your accounts, you may have several accounts with the same name. For example, if you have five club accounts, each will be described as “Club Account” when they appear on your dashboard. Naming your club accounts, such as “Vacation Fund” or “Christmas Gifts” will be beneficial – helping you differentiate the accounts.

But don't worry! The share ID has not been removed completely. You can still locate the account number and share ID on the Account Preferences page located under the Settings section of the left navigation menu. 

One more thing to take care of... 

Update Your Secure Access Code Delivery Methods

The security of your financial records is always a top priority at MAX – that’s why we are constantly upgrading our security features to stay ahead of those who wish to do harm. As you know, we require a secure access code to access your account from an unknown device or browser. This layer of security helps us to ensure that access to your account is limited from those who do not have the proper permissions. Please ensure that your secure access code delivery options are updated.

To update your secure access code delivery methods, log in to MAX Online or Mobile Banking and select the Settings section from the left navigation menu. In the Settings section, select the Security Preferences tab. Next, select Secure Delivery to change/add/edit your secure access code delivery methods. If you need assistance updating your secure access code, simply call us at 334.260.2600 or 800.776.6776.  

We recommend that you use voice or text as the top delivery options for your secure access codes. Using email as a delivery method is not as secure as the voice and text options, and anyone with access to your email (including hackers) could potentially access a secure access code on your behalf.

New Look, New Features:


As you saw above, your online and mobile banking dashboard will look slightly different. Instead of seeing a listing of your accounts, you will now have account tiles. These tiles will allow you to see more of your account information at a glance. These tiles also provide extra functionality, such as the Quick Transfer feature, which allows you to complete same day transfers with a tap of your finger. Just click the vertical lines to the right of the tile and select Quick Transfer.  A new View Activity option can be accessed directly from your account tiles as well. Simply click the vertical bars on the right of the tile, and select View Activity.   

Account Grouping

This new feature allows for customized grouping of accounts, allowing you to design and organize your dashboard to your liking. You can categorize accounts by Product Type. To create an Account Group, drag an account tile to the lower right portion of your screen where the New Group icon will appear while a tile is being moved. When the tile is dropped, the New Group fields appear. Enter the new group name and click the check to save the changes. The selected account will now display in the newly created account group. You can add additional accounts to the group by clicking and dragging them to the group. To rename an account group, click the pencil icon next to the name, edit the name, and click the check mark to save the changes.

Integrated Bill Pay

Some of the best improvements are packaged in our integrated bill pay functionality. If you are using our MAX Mobile Banking App, integrated bill pay is the default view when you select the Bill Pay tab from the Transactions section of the left navigation menu. If you are logged in via online banking, select View All Bills Now from the right Quick Menu to access integrated bill pay. The integrated bill pay page will default to the Single Pay view. If you are using online banking, you can use the Multi Pay tab to pay multiple bills at one time. 

Quick Transfer

This feature allows you to complete same day transfers with a tap of your finger. First, click/swipe the vertical lines on the right of the account tile. This will reveal the Quick Transfer and View Activity options. Clicking Quick Transfer will reveal the Quick Transfer screen. Select the account to transfer the funds to, and enter the transfer amount. Click or tap Transfer Funds and you're done! It's that easy.  


You can create a "Favorite" search using any of the new Filter options. The graphic below walks you through the simple process. To create a Favorite, simply select Filters (step 1). This opens the filter selection box. Choose your desired filters (step 2). Next, click "Apply Filters" (step 3) and then "Favorites" (step 4). Select "Save as New" (step 5) and nickname the Favorite Search you just developed (step 6). In the example below, we nicknamed the Favorite Search as "Failed". Click Save (step 7). The saved search is now available the next time the Favorites link is selected. 

Four Digit Passcode

Now you can set up a four-digit passcode on your Android or Apple devices, and use it to log in without a username/login ID and password. NOTE: Only one registered username/login ID per mobile device can enable this feature. If another user already enabled the feature, the related option on the Security Preferences page will appear dimmed.

Fingerprint Access (Android)

FINGERPRINT is Android’s version of Apple’s Touch ID and is now available to Android Mobile App users on devices enabled with fingerprint technology. NOTE: Only one registered username/login ID per mobile device can enable this feature. If you change your username/login ID and/or the Password, you must “re-authenticate” your fingerprint.

Accounts Details & Filtering

When using MAX Online and Mobile Banking, there is now more functionality in regards to your account details. You can send a secure message to us about an account, print account activity, or export transaction records with the click of your mouse while on the account details screen. If you wish to track down a particular transaction, click the Filters icon. You can use Filters to search transactions by Time Period, Transaction Type, Minimum Amount, Maximum Amount, and Check number. 

This is easily accessible by clicking on the vertical lines on the right of the account tile and selecting View Activity. The Accounts Details page is displayed. The running balance in both online and mobile app appears below each transaction.  

Quick Action Icons 

If you're using MAX Online Banking, you may notice that there are three Quick Action icons available to you on the Accounts Detail page. These icons are located just below the account title description and balance on the far right of the screen. The icons allow you to ask us about an account via secure message, print account activity, or export transaction records.  

Activity Center Advanced Options  

This new functionality allows you to cancel and/or print multiple transaction from the Single Transactions tab. Just select Show Advanced and a check box will appear. Next, click the Actions drop down menu on the far right and select your desired action. All of the selected transactions will be affected with one simple click. 

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