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MAX & Digital Wallets: Smart, SImple, secure


Your phone is very smart. So are we. At MAX, you spend your money smartly — without ever pulling out your purse or wallet. 

MAX debit and credit cards are available for use on all the top digital wallet services. 

There are several benefits to utilizing a digital wallet service: 

  1. Secure - A token is used to process the transaction in place of your debit or credit card number. Therefore, there's less likelihood of a stolen card number. 
  2. Simple - The payment process takes seconds, and all you need is your smartphone. No need to fumble with cards or determine if you need to swipe, dip, or insert at the register. Online shopping becomes more simple as well. 
  3. Smart - If privacy is a concern, the transaction is more private than using a card. Digital wallet utilization makes it more difficult for retailers to determine specifics about your shopping habits. 

You can now verify your card with a simple text message when using Apple Pay. A one time passcode will be sent to your mobile number that we have on record. If your number has changed, please contact us to update your records:

  • On the 'Card Verification' screen select 'Text Message'
  • Enter the code you received by text and tap 'Next'
  • You will receive a confirmation notification when ready to use your card for Apple Pay.

    Please note: If for any reason you don't receive your passcode within 15 minutes please try again, or contact us.


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Samsung Pay

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Your phone is pretty smart. And so is MAX. It's the perfect match!

Nitaya Thornton , Relationship Development

MAX Employee

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