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Letting MAX know that you will be out of the country is one of the most important things you can do when traveling internationally.

You can do this through online banking, by choosing the account request option from the menu on the left. A new window will open and you will see a button for travel notification. Click the button and fill in the details of your trip, including the location and the anticipated date range. You can also provide travel notifications by visiting any branch location or calling us at 1-800-776-6776.

The following countries are blocked for debit/credit card usage due to the risk of fraud:

  • China
  • Jordan
  • Romania
  • Russia

The following countries are blocked and cannot be unblocked:

  • Cuba
  • Iran

Before you travel out of the country, here are some other tips for handling funds abroad

  • Carry enough foreign currency in cash to get you out of the airport. Airport exchange rates are high. You can order foreign currency ahead of time by using a service like Travelex.
  • Have a variety of payment methods available, such as credit cards, debit card, and local currency, so that unforeseen events don’t leave you in a pinch.
  • If you’re relying on an ATM card for cash withdrawals while traveling, it must be connected to your checking account. Foreign ATMs cannot access your savings account.
  • Take advantage of local ATMs – they withdraw from your checking account and dispense funds in local currency. A small exchange fee may apply, but it is typically smaller than what would be applied at a bank.
  • Most ATMs offer a choice of languages; the British flag is used to represent English.

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