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MAX has partnered with CardCommand to provide you with complete control over the usage of your credit and debit cards. With the freedom and confidence to manage your cards, we give you the power to take control of your financial future.

Product Features

Easily turn your MAX credit or debit cards off and on

Easily turn your MAX credit or debit cards off and on

CardCommand gives you the ability to quickly and easily turn off and on individual cards. If you've lost your wallet or just misplaced it, we give you the peace of mind you've come to expect.

Control where your cards can be used

Control where your cards can be used

CardCommand adds an additional layer of security by allowing you to control where your card can be used by location. Easily set areas or regions using your device's touchscreen and map.

Set spending limits on your cards

Set spending limits on your cards

Set spend thresholds by transaction amount, week or month. Learn to tame your budget by making your debit and credit cards work for you. Easily set spending limits for children or dependents.

Define transaction types

Define transaction types

Add another layer of security and control at your fingertips. With CardCommand, you can control the types of transactions you can use with your credit or debit cards. Permit or deny online and eCommerce shopping.

Download the CardCommand app today and take control of your debit and credit cards.

Download on the Apple App Store

Available on the iTunes App Store

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Download on the Google Play Store

Available on the Google Play Store

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have partnered with CardCommand which is a third-party app to provide you with the controls you need in order to help keep your debit and credit card purchases safe.

The CardCommand mobile app is a secure product for the following reasons:

  • The mobile application does not store any protected card holder data (such as debit or credit card numbers, PIN, CVV/CVV2, etc.).
  • It only displays a payment card using common publicly used references such as the last 4 digits of the card number and the card holder name.
  • By design, the mobile application does not contain any information that is subject to PCI-DSS or PA-DSS rules, because it can be downloaded and run on any unprotected device.
  • The user provides login credentials and passes them to the authentication server without storing any passwords internally.
  • In case of lost mobile devices, the user login for the CardCommand mobile app can be remotely deactivated, thereby stopping any unauthorized access.
You can install the app on multiple phones. In general, you should manually delete the app from your old phone and download the app from iTunes or the Google Play store onto your new smart phone.
Yes, multiple users can register the same card.
Call us immediately at 334-260-2600 or 800-449-7728. MAX can disable your login for the application.
The app doesn’t store any sensitive data. Even if you lose your phone, no one will see your card or account numbers. Sensitive data is always masked in the app.
The card on/off capability allows you to control when your card is on. Also, MAX may set the card state to inactive, if we have detected fraudulent activity on your card. If the card is inactive, it cannot be used regardless of your setting. Please call us at 855-437-2797 (credit card) or 888-908-7828 (debit card) so that we may assist you.
For security purposes, CardCommand logs you out of the app after a period of inactivity. You have to log into the app again if the app is idle for some time.
Yes, recurring transactions that have already been set will continue to go through.
Control settings take effect as soon as the “updating information” message in the app stops.
Normally, if the merchant location is within a 5 mile radius of the user’s location, the transaction will be approved if My Location control is set.
There are many reasons why a transaction may be denied. You may not have sufficient funds, the transaction may be suspected fraud, you may have set control preferences that cause denial, etc. If you look at the transaction details in CardCommand, the reason for denial is often available and described as part of the transaction summary. If you tap the transaction details, if any of your preferences caused the denial, they will be listed. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 855-437-2797 (credit card) or 888-908-7828 (debit card).
CardCommand nor MAX does not maintain a history of your location. Your current location is only used for the purpose of correlating with the merchant location when you do a transaction. CardCommand does not maintain a record of your location history.
Currently only Apple iOS and Google Android based smart phones are supported. For these devices, CardCommand supports the current operating system plus two previous OS versions. The app is not officially supported on tablets.
Download the CardCommand Terms and Conditions.

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