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MAX: Our Story

MAX was founded in 1955.

Over the past six decades, we’ve evolved into a stable, growing, full-service financial institution committed to making money management easier, smarter, and more affordable for our residents and businesses. At MAX, we are committed to making the communities we serve even better places to live, work, and play. Throughout our 60 year history, MAX has supported hundreds of local non-profits with thousands of dollars in sponsorship, donations and grants.

We got our start with $125 and a cigar box.

In 1955, the airmen of Maxwell Air Force Base wanted to form an organization with the specific purpose of saving and lending money to each other. This group approached Ms. Mamie Maples, Director of the Management and Training office, to see if she would consider organizing a financial institution.

Maples had no experience but she was up for the task. She wanted to help airmen get loans from a convenient source without having to turn to agencies that carried high interest rates. So she and 15 others pooled $125 of their own money into an empty cigar box and locked it in her desk drawer.

Thus MAX was born.

MAX granted its first loan to a technical sergeant in the amount of $125. Word spread quickly as MAX became known as a low-interest source of loans and a trusted place to deposit money.

MAX is still a source of low-interest loans and a trusted place to deposit money. But in the last six decades, we’ve grown into a full-service financial institution, offering everything from checking accounts, to investing, to insurance, to home mortgages, to mobile banking.

MAX offers our high-quality, affordable financial services to the entire community. Everyone who lives, works, worships, or goes to school in the counties we serve can experience a smarter financial experience, made simple.

That’s our story. Now, how can we be part of your story?

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