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MAX was founded in 1955. Over the past six decades, we’ve evolved into a stable, growing, full-service financial institution committed to making money management easier, smarter, and more affordable for our residents and businesses.

We offer a full range of financial services.

Whether you need a mortgage, vehicle loan, home equity loan, credit card, business loan, construction loan, checking account, an IRA, or even insurance, we’ve got it all at MAX. Visit our products page to see a complete list of our products and choose which one is the best fit for you.

We want to save you money.

Unlike other financial institutions, we’re not constantly looking for ways to charge you more fees. In fact, we work overtime trying to find ways to reduce fees and save you money. We even pay you dividends on your checking account, and offer you competitive rates on your savings. Why? Because we know saving money — and earning a little, too — is very important to you.

We make money management convenient.

Let’s be honest: nobody loves managing their money. It’s something you have to do. And we get that. So we try to make your money management experience as easy and convenient as possible for you. We offer robust online banking, mobile banking, and friendly, centrally located branches in our area. And, believe it or not, we can even make switching to MAX a breeze.

We’re local.

These days, that’s a big deal. If you need help, you won’t end up talking to someone on another continent. You’ll end up talking to someone from your community who cares about your problem and really wants to find a solution. In addition, you’ll be doing business with an organization that cares about the community we live in, and takes advantage of every opportunity to give back. Learn More.

We’re good people.

Sounds sort of hokey, but we think it’s a big deal. Because everyone wants to do business with people who are honest, genuine, and who keep their word. We’re not trying to pull a fast one. We won’t tell you things that aren’t true. We take integrity very seriously here at MAX. And once you do business with us, you’ll see that commitment in action.


Auburn MAX branch

Meet MAX

MAX offers our high-quality, affordable financial services to the entire community.

MAX employee greeting customers

Our Values

At MAX, we believe in three core values that guide everything we do: Integrity, Simplicity, and Hospitality.

MAX employees collecting food at a local food drive.

Our Community

Throughout its 60 year history, MAX has supported hundreds of local non-profits in sponsorships, donations and grants. MAX, and the MAX4Kids Foundation, will donate thousands of dollars and volunteer hours to local non-profits, impactful community organizations, and local students pursuing their dreams of college education this year.

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Our Customers

Everyone who lives, works, worships, or goes to school in the counties we serve can experience a smarter financial experience, made simple.

More About MAX

We have products that are right for you.

MAX has identified the products that align with the needs of our customers.