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On February 1, MAX held its 15th Annual MAX Community Reception. MAX honored two organizations this year.


Hope Inspired Ministries and Valiant Cross Academy are the recipients of the 2018 MAX Community Achievement Awards.

The MAX Community Reception is an annual event that brings together business, political, and community leaders to celebrate community successes and recognize organizations and individuals who have made a significant difference in the quality of life in Central and East Alabama.

2018 MAX Community Achievement Award - Hope Inspired Ministries

2018 MAX Community Achievement Award - Valiant Cross Academy

“Tonight, we gather to honor two organizations that are making a significant impact on the River Region, its residents and its future development,” said Brooke Rollan, MAX Community Relations and Foundation Coordinator.

MAX first honored Hope Inspired Ministries. Hope Inspired Ministries seeks to serve those who are low-skilled, poorly educated, and/or chronically unemployed by preparing and equipping them to obtain and maintain employment. They believe the best way to help these individuals is to train them how to become self-sufficient by utilizing the gifts and abilities that our Creator has bestowed upon each of them.

“Their 9-week program is far more than a job-readiness program. It is relational and transformative in nature, providing more than 360 hours of training in additional areas such as life skills, character building, and educational training,” Rollan said. “The efforts of Hope Inspired Ministries are not just providing employment opportunities; they are developing better people, and therefore contributing to a better River Region community.”

Hope Inspired Ministries understands that incarceration, past addictions, and a simple lack of knowledge and understanding as to what it takes to be successful in the workplace all contribute to the unemployment epidemic. Regardless of the specific reason, Hope Inspired Ministries strives to enter into relationship with anyone who desires to become self-sufficient and ensure they have the ability to do so.

“Each of us in this room could honestly say we haven’t gotten where we are today without the help, guidance, and support of others, whether that be a parent, teacher, or respected mentor,” Rollan said.” It is discouraging, to say the least, to think that many of our fellow citizens have never had that level of encouragement; they have never had someone willing and able to walk their path alongside them.”

Hope Inspired Ministries’ staff, Board of Directors, and countless volunteers invest their time and love into the students’ lives and walk out this process of transformation alongside each of them. At the heart of everything they do, Hope Inspired Ministries works to help their students become the people God intended them to be. With 85-90% of their program graduates placed in the workforce and/or furthering their education, Hope Inspired Ministries is demonstrating that their approach is effectively building better and safer communities, while developing successful, productive community citizens.

MAX then honored Valiant Cross Academy. Through love, discipline and dedication, Valiant Cross Academy is committed to teaching their young scholars to be courageous, loving young men every day. The academic program at Valiant Cross Academy includes small class sizes, longer school days, double the math and triple the literacy time, Saturday School, aggressive tutoring, a daily after-school program, and a weekly chapel service.

“A common thread shared between our two recipients this year is their efforts to develop productive citizens, improving the quality of life not only for their students, but for the community as a whole,” Rollan said.

Valiant Cross Academy’s variety of differentiated instructional methods are working together to increase the literacy rate, attendance rate, and ultimately the graduation rate. This, in turn, will develop lifelong learners and productive citizens, able to one day invest back into the community that has poured so much into them. Valiant Cross Academy is much more than an academic program. Each day, they are building the character and faith foundations of these young males, while ensuring they recognize their own worth and their impact on those around them.

“If you have never had the honor of experiencing their Morning Village, it is a humbling sight. With hands together, eyes closed, kneeled down to pray, the young men are able to pray and worship God,” Rollan said. “Before each scholar begins their day, they are looked in the eyes and told they are loved. Just imagine the change that could happen to our world if all young men had this opportunity, this blessing in their lives.”

Valiant Cross Academy currently has full 6th and 7th grade classes, and plans to add a grade each year until they have reached the 12th grade.

Along with the MAX Community Achievement Award, MAX was also honored to present Hope Inspired Ministries and Valiant Cross Academy with a check for $3,000 each to show our appreciation for the great work they have already accomplished and the continued efforts we are sure will be a success as well.

Previous recipients of the MAX Community Achievement Award include The Montgomery Chamber Convention and Visitor Bureau, Montgomery Area Council on Aging, the Junior League of Montgomery, Central Alabama Sports Commission, EMERGE Montgomery, Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians (MANE), the Joy to Life Foundation, Pastor Edward Nettles, Sr., the Montgomery Biscuits, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, the 754th Electronic Systems Group, the Joint Forces Headquarters Alabama National Guard, the Alabama Wildlife Federation and the Montgomery Campus of Troy University.

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