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Valentine’s Day – it’s the most romantic holiday of the year, and quite possibly one of the most expensive.

The money spent can seem endless – flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, expensive restaurants, movies, plays – by the end of the day you might find your wallet empty. That's not a good sign. 

Here at MAX, we are devoted to helping you spend your money the right way. We have a few Valentine’s Day ideas that are worth more than just your money, because they are accomplished with your hands, effort, and time.

  1. Hand-picked or planted flowers – Skip the flower shop chaos this year and try finding your own to pick. It might sound a little cheesy, but the effort you made to go find flowers says a lot more than a flower order over the phone. Contact your local nursery to find the best flower spots in your area. You may also want to consider personalizing a planter's pot and planting seeds of your loved one's favorite seasonal flower or household plant. Picked flowers die in a matter of days, while the seeds you plant while grow and blossom — just like your love. 
  2. Hand-cooked meals – Who doesn’t love cooking in the kitchen? You have the comfort of your own home and your significant other on Valentine’s Day. You can bypass the reservation madness and find a way to cook for your sweetie. Local grocers will advertise special sales on steaks, seafood, wine, and much more. With a good coupon, you can cook for two and enjoy a quiet, relaxing evening at your humble abode.
  3. Hand- made gifts – This is probably the most special of them all. Some of us are skilled with the gift of handy work. Offer to start a major home improvement project, and spend Valentine's Day creating a plan to get the job done together. Or maybe you can refurbish some of the older furniture in the house, or install those storage cabinets you've needed since last summer. If you're more crafty than handy, try something simple like a handmade card or a piece of jewelry. You could even make your own candle or soap. Personalize the gift so it is unique and special to your loved one. There are millions of do-it-yourself gift ideas you can execute with a little effort, time, and love. Get a crafty idea and then YouTube it for directions!
  4. Hand-in-hand romantic stroll – After a delicious meal, the two of you can take a stroll in a local park. Downtown areas are also great for walking – you can see the local historic sites and stop by local shops. This is a great way to spend time together and get some exercise. It’s also budget-friendly, and much more intimate than being in a crowded theater.

We know we can’t plan your Valentine’s Day for you, but we love providing you with budget-friendly ideas. MAX understands the importance of saving money and spending time with your loved ones. Let us help you make this Valentine’s Day one to remember — and not one your checking account regrets.