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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we’ve decided to play Dr. Love and provide you with five easy tips to keep the love glowing – with your money.

– You’re probably a social butterfly. Sure, you want to go out and show your money off by shopping and spending away. But your money is more of “a home-body,” and prefers to stay in (your savings and checking account). Recognize and appreciate this difference. Take your money’s feelings into consideration. Do you really need to drag your money out from the comfort of its account today? Probably not. Typically, in these cases, your money knows best. Allow it to be “saved” from such a public display of affection, and its love for you will certainly “grow” over time in privacy of your accounts.

Be On Time
– It’s not that your money doesn’t like to be flaunted and spent; you just have to know when the moment is right. Your money loves to be utilized for a bill before that bill reaches its due date. Sure, your money will happily make a payment fashionably late for you, but that may require additional fees and affect your credit score. This can make your relationship with your money rocky in the long run. Show some initiative and be on time. To keep things simple, use MAX Bill Pay to make payments the smart way. 

Appreciate Quality Time Together
– Like any relationship, quality time is important. The more time your money spends with you, the closer you will become. MAX has products and services that assist you in spending quality time with your cash. If you want a higher rate of interest and do not need immediate access to your funds, then MAX Certificate Accounts are for you. A $500 minimum investment is required for MAX share certificate accounts, and they are a great way to save and invest your money safely. Certificate accounts can be viewed as timed deposits. The concept is simple. You agree to keep your money in the account for a certain amount of time. This set period of time is called a “term length” and they can vary greatly. A term length can be as short as a few days to as long as a decade. At MAX, certificate accounts are available for terms as short as 30 days or as long as 60 months.  The dividend frequency and dividend rate is dependent upon the type of MAX certificate account you elect to invest in.

Develop Compassion
– Once you’re able to separate facts from feelings, you will find that your relationship with your money will blossom into happiness. Sure, you may feel that you can afford that expensive home décor piece or that fancy addition to your home theater system, but is that factual? If your money tells you otherwise, accept it as fact. Try not to take it personally. Don’t get upset at your money’s inability to be more than what it is at the moment, and try not to judge your relationship based on your current balance. Only you can help your money flourish and grow. As you increasingly learn to see your cash compassionately, you will develop the power to always choose the fiscally responsible reaction to your feelings. 

Assist In The Healing Process
– Perhaps your money has recently left a long relationship with another financial institution, where there were constant fees, poor customer service, and other signs of possible mistreatment. Promise your money that you will never allow it to see such mistreatment and mismanagement again. Building trust with your money is of utmost importance, and helps to solidify a firm foundation that leads to happiness. With MAX’s great checking account options, there’s no reason to settle for less than stellar service. You can also show your money love from anywhere with MAX, simply by utilizing our free online and mobile banking services. And with MAX's Achieve checking, your money earns more money for you. 

With these five easy steps, you can build a strong relationship with your cash and develop a safe environment where money can grow and flourish without conflict. An engaging, secure money relationship can be an ongoing source of support and growth. You just have to nurture it.