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Need a getaway for just the two of you?

That private island in the Caribbean looks perfect! But if you're dreaming of something that's romantic and realistic, consider these "staycation" ideas. These ideas should give you a little "together time" to recharge your relationship without blowing the kids' college fund.

Adults-Only Picnic.
Treat yourselves to dinner out... outside, that is! Choose a secluded spot (could be your own backyard) and pack a simple (yet grown-up) meal. How about goat cheese and roasted chicken sandwiches with a balsamic pasta salad? How does dark chocolate brownies and a bottle of wine for dessert sound?

Don't forget to bring a blanket and cozy up after eating. Stargaze together. There are even apps that help you identify what you're seeing. Spend time talking about how much you appreciate each other and share laughs about funny memories. If you want to extend the event, pick a place that allows camping and consider pitching a tent for the night.

Twinkle Toes.
Sign up for dance lessons. Look for evening classes and enjoy an intimate dinner before or after your instruction. Cutting a rug burns serious calories, so feel free to over-indulge just a bit. 

If you don't have time to search for a dance instructor, turn your living room or kitchen into a ballroom. All you need is YouTube and music. There are several free instructional videos from professional dance instructors - ranging from salsa to country line dancing. And there's no need to get dressed. Spin around in your pajamas and have a blast. 

Have more than just one evening to kill? Head to nearby Birmingham or Atlanta the next night and hit a dance club to show off your new skills. Both cities have several spots for swing and ballroom dancing.

Dinner & A Show.
This combo is a classic for good reason: it's fun! Opt for a live stage performance instead of a movie to make it extra special. The River Region boasts several community theatres to choose from, and Montgomery is home to Alabama's state theatre, the world-renowned Alabama Shakespeare Festival. And don’t forget to consider theatre productions by local universities and colleges. You may see amazing performances by future Broadway stars. It also gives you the chance to style and profile in your best evening wear. 

If you and your significant other prefer to laugh, search for a nearby comedy club or karaoke bar. Tone down the fashion, and enjoy the comfort of a more relaxed environment. There are also amazing jazz, blues, and folk music spots in the area to check out. 

You can make it feel more like a weekend escape by spending the night at a local hotel or bed and breakfast.

Lazy Day.
You don't have to leave your house to make the most of your alone time. Give the kids to family or close friends the night before. Now you can sleep late, share a decadent breakfast in bed and watch movies together in your PJ's all day. Spend this time to binge watch that TV series that's too violent to watch around the kids, or take turns reading that steamy romance novel to each other aloud. Kick any guilt about not having the kids to the curb; it's only for one day!

Get Lost.
Feeling adventurous? Turn off your phones, hop in the car and just start driving toward the city limit sign. Spend the entire day driving in the countryside and exploring new places. Stop at a little mom & pop place for lunch, and don't be afraid to turn down that road less traveled. You can always turn your phones back on or rely on your GPS device if you get truly lost!

No Whining, Just Wine.
You don't have to travel to the nation's best vineyards to have a romantic night. Grab a few bottles of wine you've never had before, along with some unfamiliar cheeses and embark on your own private wine and cheese tasting right at home. Describe and rate each sip and bite; you may discover some new favorites. Add some fruit and bread to the mix, and you've got a light dinner!

Get Real.
Spend an evening perusing the websites of resorts and travel sites to find a dream vacation. Once you find one that actually takes you away from home, plan how you can save and pay for it. Spending romantic staycation day planning could result in a romantic vacation in the near future.