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You are probably running in 20 different directions everyday, making it hard to stay organized and keep up with a checking account balance. Simply knowing what’s in your account is key to taking control of your financial future and lessening your money-related stress. 

So how can you master the balancing act? Turn to MAX. We’ve got the smart tools you need to make it easy.

Ditch The Pen & Paper

That doesn’t mean you no longer need to keep up with the money going into and out of your account. It means you don’t have to write things down to maintain an accurate record. 

By using MAX’s online banking, you’ll have easy access to your account activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can see if a deposit has posted, if a check has cleared and where your account stands at any given moment. You can also ensure there’s been no suspicious or incorrect activity.

You can also pay your bills online, making it simple to manage your ongoing monthly expenses. You’ll save money on envelopes and stamps, and you’ll save time.

Plus, you have direct access to MAX’s eStatements. MAX’s eStatements are electronic versions that can replace the paper versions, meaning there’s one less sensitive document stuck in your mailbox. You can always print hard copies of your eStatements if you want to store a paper record.

There’s An App for That

MAX’s mobile banking app allows you to check your balance and do so much more, all on the go, using your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. You can:

  • Deposit a check with the tap of a finger. All you do is snap a photo with your phone.
  • Transfer money between your MAX accounts, or external accounts you have linked to your MAX account via online banking.
  • Access MAX’s online bill pay services.
  • Find the nearest MAX branch and ATM.

And that’s barely touching the surface of MAX’s mobile banking app’s capabilities. Anything you can do within MAX’s online banking platform, you can do on the go with the app. 

Download our app today

Budgeting Is Still Best

MAX’s online and mobile banking services allows you to monitor your accounts anytime you want. However, if you want good news when you log in, you must first learn to monitor your spending. 

Only you can control the flow of your funds, and creating and sticking to a budget is still the best way to stay on track and achieve your financial goals. MAX offers an additional tool that even makes budgeting easier: Smartfolio

This genius personal financial management tool puts all of your account information in one place, right at your fingertips, so you can see and understand your overall financial picture.

Use Smartfolio to:

  • Create a financial calendar
  • Categorize and track expenses
  • Set and achieve financial goals
  • Identify ways to save
  • Track upcoming bills

Plus, you can sign up to receive email and/or mobile text alerts that will help you monitor your progress. 

When you create a budget with Smartfolio, your spending begins to take form. Smartfolio helps you keep track of what you are spending and saving, and Smartfolio Goals allow you to monitor your financial goals and stay on track. 

Mastering the balancing act can be a challenge, but it becomes much easier when you have the right financial products, services and management tools in place. At MAX, we provide you with everything you need to achieve financial success.