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We all know the torture of high humidity and sweltering heat during an Alabama summer. That’s why deciding to move in the autumn can be one of the best decisions you make during relocation.

Relocating during the Autumn is smart. This young family unloads their moving van at their new home.

The summer is the busiest time to move. This means it’s also more expensive. Prices tend to be higher in the summer for rental trucks, moving services, and even boxes. Check out these tips if you
want a stress-free and frugal relocation:

Before you start packing, start your Fall cleaning projects and rid your home of unnecessary things. You don't want to pack up needless junk to take with you to the next place. Moving provides the perfect opportunity to review your belongings and remove older, seldom -used items.

Pack Early and Wisely
Plan far ahead and begin storing similar items (preferably from the same room) in boxes and storage containers together. Pack away items that you rarely need in advance and label your boxes by the room.

If you're really organized, you can number the boxes and keep a spreadsheet inventory of what items are in each box. This will make the entire process of unpacking easier at your new home.

Handle Utilities in Advance
It's important to think ahead. Make sure you have transferred or cancelled your utilities prior to moving.

Let your gas, water, and electric company know that services will need to end the day after you have removed all your belongings. Also, be sure to have your utilities turned on at your new location the day before you move in, if possible. The last thing you want need after an exhausting day of moving is the realization that you will be spending the night without water, gas, lights, and heat.

Transferring or setting up your utility accounts goes a long way in making your move stress-free.

Pick Your Clothes Wisely
In our region of the country, the weather can be unpredictable during the Fall. It may be a cool Autumn day on Thursday and feel like a mid-Summer heatwave on Friday. Make sure you have set clothing aside for all weather conditions. This includes jackets, coats, and different shoe options.

Clear the Way
Make sure the walkway, sidewalks, and driveway to your new home are clear of debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and acorns. An unclear path can be a potential safety hazard to you and other carrying boxes and appliances into the home. You will especially want to clear the path if you are using a moving service.

The last thing you need is a reason for someone to slip and fall at your new property that could have been prevented. Also, protect your inside traffic areas. Lay down pieces of cardb0ard to keep dirt from being tracked throughout your new home when moving items inside.

Maximize Your Plan
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