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1.8 — The average inflation rate for 2017. (The average increase in price for energy, foods goods, services, and cost of living, doing business, etc.) (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

3 — The average percent you can save on your annual heating expenses per every 1 degree you lower your thermostat. (Energyhub)

6 — The number of months of savings you should have set aside into an emergency fund.

10 — The minimum percentage of your income you should save.

30 — Maximum number of years you should have on your mortgage.

33 — The maximum percentage of your income that should be spent on housing.

35 — Commonly accepted as a “good” debt ratio, or the percentage of your monthly salary going to debt repayment each month.

66 — The average age U.S. workers expect to retire. (Gallup)

— The commonly accepted “good” range for credit score according to myFICO’s research. Each lender factors the credit score according to their lending practices, but this is generally considered a good range to be in.

— The 2018 annual deferral dollar limit for employee elective 401k contribution. (