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At MAX, our mission is to help people achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Providing free, on-site financial education workshops on a variety of topics for any age group is one way we deliver on that commitment. Our workshops are designed to give you the knowledge and tools to take control of your financial well-being.



Adult Education 

We offer a range of workshops as a part of a larger program aimed to educate and empower adults of all ages to take control of their finances. 

  • Saving and Budgeting Workshops
  • Goal Setting 
  • Money Management Conversations for Your Family
  • Credit and Debt Workshops 
  • Identity Protection
  • Job Readiness


Youth Program 

From before they start kindergarten until they are ready to graduate, our youth program is flexible to give your kids or students the information they need when and where it’s most impactful for them. We can offer one-time sessions on various topics, or provide them ongoing as part of a larger program. Topics range from basic concepts for kids: the features of money, saving and spending, and making choices; to deeper conversations for teens: saving for the future, checking accounts, credit and debt, financial-goal-setting, and job readiness.


Ascend Book Club

It’s never too early to start learning about money, and these interactive book readings involve younger audiences (age 3-7) by reading from favorite children’s books on the concepts of money, savings, earning, making choices, and more. Each session comes with a built-in activity to make learning fun.



Ascend Award - Financial Literacy Teacher Contest

We recognize the important role that teachers play in the financial education development of our local youth. Through the Ascend Financial Wellness program, we highlight outstanding teachers who bring passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for financial education into their classrooms.


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