JennyMAX Telephone Teller

Access your MAX accounts with a touch tone phone!

Access your MAX share, club, checking, money market and loan accounts securely by using a phone with JennyMAX®, our FREE telephone banking system. JennyMAX is open 24 hours a day even on weekends and holidays. Make a withdrawal or car payment, check your balance, or make almost any other transaction at MAX with JennyMAX. JennyMAX requires two levels of security - a primary and secondary 4-digit access code- so it's extra secure.

To complete a transaction, just pick up a phone and follow the menu, or use the information below to use the transaction codes. Apply for JennyMAX today with an online application!apply now



Menu Guide

To change your preference mode to EXPERT MODE go to the “Additional Options Menu” and then to the “Change Preference Menu.”

JennyMAX Menu Mode Guide
Note: Share refers to Club and Money Market accounts.

Main Menu (Menu Mode)
Press 1 Balance Inquiries go to menu »
Press 2 History Inquiries go to menu »
Press 3 Withdrawals go to menu »
Press 4 Transfers go to menu »
Press 5 Checking Information go to menu »
Press 6 Loan Information go to menu »
Press 7 Additional Options go to menu »

Balance Inquiry Menu
Press 1 Savings Balance
Press 2 Checking Balance
Press 3 Share Balance
Press 4 Loan Balance
Press 5 Open Share List
Press 6 Open Loan List

History Menu
Press 1 Last Deposit
Press 2 Share History
Press 3 Loan History
Press 4 Deposit History
Press 5 Recent Transaction Activity

Recent Activity Menu
Press 1 Checking History
Press 2 ATM History
Press 3 ACH History
Press 4 Debit Card History
Press 5 Point of Sale History

Withdrawal Menu
Press 1 Savings Withdrawal
Press 2 Loan Withdrawal
Press 3 Checking Withdrawal
Press 4 Share Advance

Transfer Menu
Press 1 Savings to Checking
Press 2 Savings to Loan
Press 3 Checking to Savings
Press 4 Checking to Loan
Press 5 Share to Share
Press 6 Share to Loan
Press 7 Loan to Savings
Press 8 Loan to Checking
Press 9 Loan to Share

Checking Menu
Press 1 Checking Balance
Press 2 Check Number Inquiry
Press 3 Checking History
Press 4 Check Copy Request

Loan Menu
Press 1 Loan Balance
Press 2 Open Loan List
Press 3 Loan Payment Inquiry
Press 4 Loan Payment History
Press 5 Loan Payoff Amount
Press 6 Credit Card Payments
Press 7 Mortgage Loan Inquiry
Press 8 Mortgage Payment

Additional Options Menu
Press 1 Year To Date Information
Press 2 Change Preferences Menu
Press 3 Change Account

Year to Date Menu
Press 1 IRA Contributions
Press 2 Dividend Information
Press 3 Interest Information

Change Preferences Menu
Press 1 Change Access Code
Press 2 Change Interaction Mode

JennyMAX Expert Mode Codes
Transaction Codes Expert Codes

Press 1 Savings Withdrawal
Press 2 Loan Advance
Press 3 Checking Withdrawal
Press 4 Share Withdrawal
Press 12 Savings to Loan
Press 13 Savings to Checking
Press 17 Loan Payoff
Press 21 Loan to Savings
Press 23 Loan to Checking
Press 25 Loan to Share
Press 31 Checking to Savings
Press 32 Checking to Loan
Press 36 ATM History
Press 37 ACH History
Press 38 Debit Card History
Press 39 Point of Sale History
Press 45 Share to Share
Press 46 Share to Loan
Press 50 Credit Card Payments
Press 55 Mortgage Loan Inquiry
Press 56 Mortgage Payment
Press 60 Open Share List
Press 61 Open Loan List
Press 62 Loan Payment Inquiry
Press 63 Loan Payment History
Press 71 Savings Balance
Press 72 Loan Balance
Press 73 Checking Balance
Press 74 Share Balance
Press 75 IRA Contributions
Press 78 Interest Information
Press 79 Dividend Information
Press 80 Check Number Inquiry
Press 82 Checking History
Press 83 Deposit History
Press 90 Change Access Code
Press 91 Change Interaction Mode
Press 96 Check Copy Request