Identity Theft Protection - Learn and Plan


Fraudsters obtain your phone number or email from public records and marketing list vendors who sell phone, email and address lists to companies like retailers, telemarketers, political campaigns and credit card companies so they can call you or send you solicitations. Even people who are not MAX members receive these calls from fraudsters because the scammers get lists of local phone numbers, knowing that there are a lot of MAX members in our area. The fraudsters then use these lists to contact you by email, phone, or text message to try to trick you into thinking there's a problem with your account. If you dial or text the number and give them your account information, the fraudster can use your account for purchases. MAX will NEVER release your name, phone numbers, or any other information to marketing list services for any reason.

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Please immediately report any suspicious phone call, text message, or email inquiry about your MAX accounts to a MAX associate at If you are contacting us about a suspicious email, please forward the email to us.

If you have given your account information in response to one of these inquiries, immediately contact MAX by phone at 1-800-776-6776. Remember, MAX will never ask you for your account information, such as your credit card number, debit card number, or personal identification number (PIN) by email or phone. If you are unsure if a phone call or email is fraudulent, please don’t take a chance. Just hang up the phone or forward the email to MAX for verification.

If you have given your personal information to a scam caller, please call MAX at 800-776-6776, and then contact:

1. Your local police department or sheriff (if you are outside of city limits) to report the call so that an official record is made of the incident in case your account information is compromised.

2. You may also contact the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-392-5658, or visit the AG's website at

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